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Smart home technologies and what to consider – Part 1

by | Oct 21, 2017 | Blogs

Most people will have heard about smart home technology by now, from a TV advert for Wi-Fi heating control or perhaps something more comprehensive from a brochure selling smart phone control of your whole building.

The adverts and brochures show us quick and easy control of our technology in our home or office. They show us the convenience of switching on and off devices when we are away from the building or just checking the heating set point in other rooms. If these smart features come free of charge when you buy such a heating system, alarm system or lighting control and the package seems up to date it is certainly worth considering.

The problem comes when we add more than one or two of these smart technologies to a building because now we have maybe three apps to launch from our smart phone to control the heating, alarm and lights. With three or more Apps on our smart device this is starting to become slow and cumbersome as we need three Apps just to check the status on all three smart technologies.

We might also be connected to a poor 3G mobile network for accessing our Apps so the uploading of our building status is slow and if our Apps requires 2 or 3 pages to load in sequence to check all your features we could very easily spend 1 or 2 minutes per App to complete our checks.

Spending 5 minutes checking our Apps might not seem very long and the first few times we will persevere but ultimately the speed of collecting all our building information will be the decider of if we bother or not.

With the future of smart technology becoming even more saturated into our lives, the need to de-clutter the information we need and present the information we actually want in a format that’s time efficient becomes more important.

A good analogy of this might be that when emailing arrived we used to look at every email and now we use filters to unclutter our emails and the software we use now collect the good emails and puts them into columns to make it easy to identify what emails to read first, so we can prioritize our emails because without this useful software we might spend a considerable amount of our day looking through emails that are of no interest to us.

The same applies to smart technologies, every manufacturer of technology has to offer an App with their product to stay in the market place but do we really want so many Apps on our phones even?

So what’s the answer? We need a software tool to collect only the important information from each App belonging to our smart building devices and present them on a 1-2 page screen on our smart phone so we can check the lighting is off, and alarm is set and the heating status all from one App and hopefully 1 page, then it becomes usable.

To achieve this one App software you need an AV design and build company employing good software technologies*. In the hands of good professionals you will achieve an efficient and bespoke whole house smart home control and not a bunch of time wasting Apps.

*such as Crestron, RTI technologies, Leviton, KNX, North buildings control, control 4, URC or other reputable similar technologies