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Warning: DigiLinx to cease working/being supported from 31 December 2020

Please see our post on what this means for your DigiLinx system and how MODO can help.

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What to do with your DigiLinx system?

If you have a DigiLinx AV and control system installed in your home or office, MODO can revive your DigiLinx system by:-

  • Loading the latest firmware updates (11.03.2015)
  • Providing a full health check of your DigiLinx system and connected network
  • Adding new audio and video/TV sources for 2018 onto your DigiLinx system
  • Installing faster control processing for more reliable and quicker control response
  • Integrating your tablets/iPads and adding new keypads where necessary for a higher level of control
  • Integrating internet streaming services for 2018
  • Updating your music server for faster and more reliable music search and play
  • Adding more rooms and spaces to your existing system
  • Programming simple voice control commands for quick access to your DigiLinx system via Amazon Alexa which can be installed discretely

Your DigiLinx system is a specialist AV system like no other!

MODO has 10 years of experience with installing and maintaining DigiLinx AV systems and we still service and update many existing customers and new customers systems today.

In our experience the most common issues with DigiLinx are poor network setups and non-existent health checks which lead to systems locking up and slow or poor control. So if your AV installer is not DigiLinx savvy then your system will appear to be unusable and broken. Most AV installers will say it’s time to remove it and start again!

With a little TLC towards your DigiLinx system and a few small hardware changes MODO can revive your DigiLinx back to a fast and reliable control with great effect and have you feeling in control of your system once more.

If you want tablet or iPad control of your DigiLinx then MODO can provide a new app custom made for you with multiple users too and even bespoke user features to allow different levels of access to control and view your born again AV system.

We can add new features like Spotify music, Tidal, Netflix and more. Integrate SkyQ TV Amazon and Apple TV…

It’s our aim to make your DigLinx system quick, efficient and easy to use so that it becomes a part of your daily routine to enhance your day with Video/TV, music browsing, latest online music and TV services, radio, CCTV, door entry, alarm and climate control at your finger tips.

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A customer who still has DigiLinx in their home and is still receiving updates and service in 2018

“MODO has provided the design and support of a fully integrated domestic audio-visual and lighting solution for my home for the past several years.  We recently undertook a major project to refurbish our kitchen and dining room into a new living space.  The A/V demand was particularly complex drawing together both legacy(DigiLinx) and new control systems and integrating many different source media.

Subsequently MODO has successfully integrated an Amazon “Alexa” interface into the overall scheme giving us voice control of many commonly used features.

Ian the business owner of MODO, has great judgement in what will “work” in a given architectural context and I would turn to him without hesitation for any future work of this nature.”

Peter David – Woking

DigiLinx Background

Clearone bought out Netstreams business at the height of their success because Netstreams patented “Streamnet” an audio and video protocol over TCP/IP in real time, creating a total scalable audio and video network based solution that streams audio and video without compression and lag, so all nodes of audio and video can be synchronous irrespective of location. It was really revolutionary 10 years ago and Netstreams invested huge amounts of money into developing commercial conference product as well as DigiLinx the residential brother to the commercial product.

DigiLinx in concept was a real jewel of a system for residential AV because it set out to provide a complete residential system incorporating CCTV integration, door and gate entry systems, climate control and auxiliary automation of blinds, irrigation, lighting control etc… It was so very close to being a near perfect system that could be installed for one room to 100 rooms in unit scaling, so add as you go without having to upgrade hardware or incorporate spare and waste hardware capacity, just keep adding!

There were no other AV and control systems available that worked in this way 10 years ago which was why DigiLinx was so special and many installers in the UK fitted DigiLinx hardware, particularly for larger homes with larger quantities of rooms or large rooms that needed extra audio power.

However the DigiLinx product upgrades and investment needed to keep it a viable product slowed about 5 years ago and since then the DigiLinx has suffered reduced product line and seen little changes bar a couple of firmware and software upgrades, but all is not lost!