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“Daylight light” now possible all day with advanced lighting technology

by | Sep 15, 2020 | News

MODO Solutions is using award-wining Chroma White LED lighting in our projects for good reasons.

Chroma White 2.0 TM is the most advanced lighting yet. It is optimised to follow the natural circadian (from the Latin ‘of the day’) rhythm of the human body.

Natural circadian light sources mimic the particular light characteristics of the sun, adjusting the colour and intensity of light that we should see throughout the course of our day to night routines. The effective control of light quality provides us with a tuneable sunrise to sun down cycle of stimulating “biological light” to restful “biological darkness”.

So think of how jet lag interrupts our natural rhythm of sleep initially, when we experience as much as 8 hours of time difference. How we adjust quite quickly into a new rhythm to suit the new daylight hours we’re experiencing. Then consider night shift workers sleeping at home, not in a different time zone but struggling with sleeping out of synchronicity with daylight hours. So it seems clear that the effect of sun rising, reaching mid-point in the day and then lowering to a setting sun can effect real life cycle patterns to our behaviour. So it should be no surprise that we might consider more intelligent lighting than a zero to full brightness and intensity control switch. By manual or automated control, Circadian lighting can extend or shorten our perceived daylight hours to assist us with our modern lives of “On demands” work, rest, sleep and ultimately improved heath.

The technology of Chroma White mimics what happens naturally with light

The next consideration we look to test further in the coming months is the circadian lighting effect on the elderly. There have been a significant number of voluntary reports from care home assistants. They comment on an unusual improvement in dementia patient’s state of mind towards the end of the day after a circadian lighting system has been installed. The great interest and importance of this study will ensure updated reporting on this website.

TechBite: Chroma White 2.0 TM delivers high efficiency photopic lumens with higher, more efficient, melanopic lumens during the day and delivers high efficiency photopic lumens with lower melanopic lumens at night.

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