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Case Study – Panos & Helen Kakoullis

New Orangery – Extension to an existing building

Case Study: Dec 2016

Client: Panos & Helen Kakoullis

Location: Brentwood

The challenge

Panos and Helen had decided that their much loved sun spot of a patio would bring greater value to their home if it could be an all year round space of peace and tranquillity, whilst still maintaining a garden ambience in the space.

Helen contacted Ian Rae at MODO who had previously overseen the AV on their new build home to discuss the newly planned Orangery building. The clients wished to plan their AV requirements for it and how this could be coupled to the AV system already installed in the rest of the house.

Helen outlined how she thought they would use the new orangery as a second lounge for TV and an entertainment room for family occasions.

The advice

The AV requirements for the Orangery were straightforward enough  but MODO  raised concerns that the Orangery space would heat up very quickly on sunny days in the summer, making it less of an all year round space. It was suggested to the clients that it would be worth considering some methods to control the passive heating from the sun rays.

Consideration was given to fitting electric blinds to the glazed areas which automatically close to reflect at least 70% of the sun’s heat on sunny days. With adequate automated ventilation of the Orangery this should be able to reduce the 30% heat increase by venting it outside.

Ideally this should maintain the Orangery temperature near to the outside temperature on sunny days of 20-22 degrees C. On colder days in the spring and autumn, the blinds could be automatically opened during the day to allow the sun’s radiant heat to increase the orangery from 17-18 degrees up by 1-2 degrees and closed at night to keep the Orangery room temperature insulated.

Panos and Helen liked the suggestions but they were keen to make full use of the Orangery even on very hot sunny days so consideration was given to mechanically cooling the room with air conditioning as the final element to the Orangery’s room temperature control.

The completed installation

MODO specified Silient Gliss electrically operated blinds to the glazing. The new roof lantern had  electrically operated roof vents with  rain sensors for automatic closure in wet weather.

The floor area of the old patio was reconstructed with new underfloor heating linking  the new orangery heating pipework back into the original house heating system as a new addition.

The Orangery walls were fitted with a series of temperature probes for monitoring the Orangery room temperature.

A new Mitsubishi air conditioning unit was fitted with twin vents and a control connection.

A North Building Technologies, Mini BMS (building management system) controller was fitted to bring all the above systems together and provide automatic operation of all the systems according to room temperature.

Finally MODO provided and programmed the BMS and the existing AV system to provide a quick “goto” operators touch screen for setting the Orangery room temperature set point for automatic climate control and also to provide manual override of each cooling and heating system.

The result is that now when the clients operates the automatic climate control and sets the desired temperature set point, they can leave the room to automatically stabilise its own environment  365 days a year. Should they wish to lift the blinds and add a little cool air, they can override the automatic climate control and drive each part singularly to their desired settings. Then as they leave they just set the automatic control back on and the room takes care of itself again.

The client’s satisfaction and MODO’s proactive guidance with this project is recorded within their testimonial at https://modo.solutions/testimonials/