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More Alexa News – Part 2

by | Oct 28, 2017 | News

Further to our last new item (Alexa news Part 1), CasaTunes from the USA have released a new addition to their music server based products to allow you to control their music servers by Alexa voice control. This has yet to be released here in the UK but when it does it will take the Amazon voice control and give you back your music choice not what Amazon thinks is your music choice!

In my experience the Amazon voice control is a great product and clearly it’s going to be ever improving but right now you can ask Alexa “Alexa play Led Zepplin” and you might not quite get what you expected. I asked this on two occasions, the first I got what I asked, the second occasion it played a rock band’s rendition with a female vocalist, which whilst it sounded great, just wasn’t Robert Plant on the vocals.

So CasaTunes will hopefully allow you to deliver your own music library, Spotify, TuneIn internet radio and whatever other online music service you prefer, by voice control. So for me the CasaTunes music server will provide the right mix of hardware with the Amazon voice control as you will get ultimate voice control across your whole audio system in each room but the Origin Acoustics physical integration of the Amazon Dot is such a great way to fit the Amazon voice control central to each room without having a black product screwed to your ceiling on show.

So for my next trick I shall be investigating how easy it might be to combine what Origin Acoustics are offering with their Amazon Dot speaker housing and the CasaTunes voice control. This if at all possible could be a very strong system so once CasaTunes releases their Alex voice control for testing here in the UK I will keep you posted on this point.

CasaTunes Link – http://ct-test-d85a39.webflow.io/features/alexa