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Alexa News – Part 1

by | Oct 22, 2017 | News

Origin Acoustics are in my opinion the most innovative speaker product manufacturer at this time for custom installation of audio systems. They have produced a versatile range of extremely fast and easy to fit speakers for flush fitting in ceiling and in wall, so that you can play your desired music discreetly in a room without the need for the traditional bookshelf or floor standing speakers on show.

Just released in the UK is their new Amazon Alexa product which allows you to add the Amazon Dot product (providing Amazon’s voice control) into one of their speaker housings so once the Amazon Dot is fitted into the ceiling housing, it’s covered by a flush fitting discreet speaker grill. This now means that you can add an additional single speaker grill to your room’s speaker setup, providing you with discreet flush fitting Amazon voice control.

Now that Amazon Alexa have introduced multi room voice control to their device you could have an Amazon Dot hidden in each room and just tell each room what music you want it to play! No more phone fiddling to play your music, just say what you want whilst you cook, read or just relax.

Origin Acoustics link – http://invisionuk.com/voice-control-origin-acoustics/