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Adobe Flash Player is finally laid to rest

by | Jan 5, 2021 | News

The BBC announced in 2021:

Adobe Flash Player is finally laid to rest. Adobe Flash Player, the browser plug-in that brought rich animations and interactivity to the early web, has officially reached the end of its life.

What does this mean?

All operating systems should have Adobe flash Player uninstalled from their systems to ensure that going forward, the operating system being used can be fully protected and afford the best level of security in 2021 and into the future.

The problems associated with this end of life are that there will be some older systems still running flash based media and legacy software tools embedded in systems still in service that will require maintenance and security updates in 2021.

At the time of writing this, I am not aware of a simple 2021 software to hot swap with Adobe Flash nor a magical wand like conversion software to update all these now legacy systems still in play. I like to think that should a fix have been possible, Adobe might have achieved this in the 3 years since its 2017 announcement that this would happen.

The outcome is that systems using flash player based software from now on will die over the course which could be instant failure and crash of your operating system without notice.

All systems require maintenance and updating and it’s at this point your system crash is likely to occur, so get ahead of the problem! Seek professional advice of what to change because there will be changes you need to make.

Planned changes to cure the problem stand a far greater chance of success than curing the problem amidst breakdown. Also a planned set of changes and migration from your current system set up might be possible in manageable process and should cost less than panic and crisis measures from an unplanned crash.

Finally, whilst Adobe have announced the end of life to their Flash player, it is fair to say that they are not in ultimate control of your operating software and internet browsers you use. So you might find that your system works fine whilst you retain the Adobe flash player and don’t follow Adobes advice to uninstall it. However other software companies will be issuing updates that will no longer support Flash Player and aim to ring fence it or remove it completely. So what does this mean?

Older flash based visuals for websites, user controls, AV presentations will stop showing graphics if they are built in flash player so your once beautiful website will look like it’s missing information and show a poorly maintained visual. AV presentation might not run at all and building control interfaces and touch screen graphics might just blank screen.

So the answer is clearly to seek professional advice so you know:-

  1. What’s your outcome if you do nothing
  2. What changes you need to make to arrest a future operating system disaster

BBC News link – Adobe Flash Player is finally laid to rest – BBC News

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