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Smart technology made simple

MODO Solutions offers audio-visual, lighting & smart controls consultancy services for high-spec complex projects to architects, contractors, clients & other professionals.
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Our services

Our AV, lighting and smart home technology services revolve around the four key phases of a project: Pre-planning, Design, Project Management, Commissioning & Operational use. This allows us to offer a bespoke consulting service to match the exact needs of our clients. We are engaged by architects, M&E consultants, developers, main contractors, electrical contractors as well as directly by end user private/commercial clients. We are always delighted to be involved at the outset of a project but are often asked to help mid-way through a project especially where the AV /lighting aspect of project has become complex or is in difficulty.

MODO Solutions was set up by Ian Rae who has over thirty years’ experience in the AV, lighting and smart home technology fields and has been a key contributor to many projects from concept to completion. He has seen a number of new build and renovation projects over the years result in both disappointment to the end user and also a sub-optimal result for the design and construction team.



  • Identification of appropriate user needs
  • Concept design
  • Budgets


  • Generating and confirming the design
  • User experience
  • Tailored operational use for simplicity
  • Specifications
  • Integrating technology with architectural and M&E design

Project Management

  • Coordination of integrated services
  • Quality control
  • Adhesion to contract
  • Evaluation of changes prior to authorisation
  • Expert advice & reporting to contract administrator

Commissioning & Operational Use

  • Commissioning certificates
  • Documentation
  • Operational manuals
  • As-built drawings
  • Effective completion & snagging
  • End of defects inspection
  • Servicing
  • On-going operational effectiveness
  • Troubleshooting existing projects
  • Review of existing systems

About Us

MODO Solutions is a forward thinking and collaborative association of professional consultants and contractors to enable lighting, AV and smart home technology schemes to meet client needs and expectations. The focus is not just on the AV and technology install but on each space and how it serves the needs and experience of the ultimate user. This philosophy creates the passion to drive MODO Solutions’ attention to the final user experience.


We are delighted that we had Ian as our AV designer and specialist installer for our high spec new build home. We brought him in at the very beginning for which we are so thankful…

Helen and Panos Kakoullis, Brentwood, Essex

Ian provides a really high quality cost effective service. He can envision the potential of spaces and then help his clients achieve this. I look forward to working with Ian on my subsequent projects.

James & Sophie Teasel, Wickham Bishops

By bringing him at the earliest stages of the project, clients are able to have exactly what they want and for costs caused by unnecessary changes to be eliminated. It also means projects are finished earlier than otherwise would happen.

Jeremy Sheppard, Sheppard & Co, Huntingdon

Case Studies

Our AV & lighting services revolve around the four key phases of a project: Preplanning, Design, Project Management, Commissioning & operational use.


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